The goal of The Perennial Farming Initiative is to foster a renewable food system rooted in healthy soil. We support progressive agriculture, meaning food production that is not only environmentally responsible, but also equitable, productive, and delicious.

Our projects include:

Zero Foodprint helps restaurants assess, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint.

Restore California directs ZFP offset monies into healthy soil projects in California in collaboration with the state’s healthy soil program.

Healthy Soil Guide celebrates farms and ranches with healthy soil and soil-building practices.

Our Team

The Perennial Farming Initiative is led by Executive Director Karen Leibowitz, Director of Operations Anthony Myint, and Zero Foodprint Program Director Tiffany Nurrenbern. We work closely with 3degrees and California Air Resources Board.

PFI is fiscal sponsor to Soil Centric, a mission-aligned project led by Diana Donlon. To donate to Soil Centric, please use the “Donate to Soil Centric” button on our donate page.

To donate to the Perennial Farming Initiative (including Zero Foodprint contributions), please use the “Donate to PFI” button instead.

For more information about PFI, see our 2018 Annual Report.

Check out a list of upcoming events related to PFI and/or the renewable food movement.